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Star Micronics Scales: Six Ideal Use Cases

Scales. They may not immediately cross your mind when you envision a point-of-sale solution, but for many industries, scales are one of the most important—if not the most criticalparts of a retail strategy.

Did you know that Star Micronics scales—including the mG-S322, mG-S1501, and mG-S8200—are exceptional for everything from jewelry stores to farmers markets? Star Micronics scales are full of features designed to enable retailers to accurately measure goods, without sacrificing modern design and connectivity options including:

·        NTEP certification, which is required for all US retail sales

·        Water- and dust-proof covers

·        Software support for Windows, iOS, and Android

·        Bluetooth BLE, USB, and serial interfaces

·        May be powered through an outlet or by battery, enabling portable use

Check out six industries that are an ideal match for Star Micronics scales:


1. Delis

As every grocery-shopper knows, deli items like meats and cheeses are almost always sold by weight. Many large-scale delissuch as those in grocery storesuse specialty, high-performance scales that are large in size and come with a hefty price tag. In contrast, smaller delis don’t need such a big footprint and, most importantly, they need a more-affordable, integrated-scale option. Star Micronics scales fit that bill perfectly, with their compact design, affordable price, and protective and easy-to-clean cover.

2. Candy Stores

Because many candies are sold in bulkand high-end candies, such as truffles, are sometimes sold by weightscales are a must for candy retailers. With their bright and modern design, candy stores also are a perfect environment for sleek, tablet-based, point-of-sale solutions. However, there aren’t a lot of scales on the market that can integrate with tablet point-of-sale. That’s where Star Micronics scales come in: our scales’ Bluetooth connectivitycombined with iOS and Android software-development kits (SDKs)enables them to work easily with modern, tablet-based solutions. How sweet!

3. Spice Shops

Like candy, spices are also generally sold by weight, and with certain spices like saffron costing up to $10,000 per pound, it’s extremely important to weigh them accurately. Star Micronics scales combine high accuracy with a small footprintideal for a spice shop! Our scales also have the ability to be battery operated, meaning that items like spices can accurately be measured at a farmer’s market, where power may not be available.

4. Jewelry Stores

Speaking of expensive items, Star Micronics scales are a great match for jewelry stores. Jewelry is another cost-per-weight industry, and precious metals and gems must be measured extremely accurately. Star’s most sensitive scale, the mG-S322, can measure accurately to 0.01 gram, and the units can be switched to carats for measuring materials like diamonds. And, thanks to the scale’s included glass enclosure, air doesn’t move the jewelry or affect measurements.

5. Frozen-Yogurt Shops

Taking a step back to modern, sugary industries, frozen yogurt is another business category where tablet-based point-of-sale is becoming very popularmaking it critical to have Star's iOS/Android-compatible scale. And, since a frozen-yogurt shop's counter space is at a premium, Star scales’ small footprint is a must. In terms of actual measurements, Star Micronics scales can measure in ouncesthe industry’s most popular unit of measurement. Plus, with lots of potential for messiness in the shop, the scales’ protective and easy-to-clean covers certainly come in handy.

6. Pharmacies

Candy is delicious and jewelry is beautiful, but in the pharmacy industry, accurate measurements can be a matter of life and death. In fact, there’s no other industry where it’s more important to reliably measure to a high degree of accuracy. Connectivity to software is also important, as measurements are often validated by software, to reduce errors. Star Micronics scales have all of that and more. They also include a function that’s useful for counting pills. And, with an accompanying pharmacy thermal printer, Star is truly one of the most functional, reliable, accurate options on the market for pharmacies.

Looking to up your retail-scale game? Learn more about Star Micronics' scales now!