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CIT Finance, LLC is a leader in developing business solutions for small businesses and middle market companies for the acquisition of equipment and value-added services.

CIT creates tailored equipment financing and leasing programs for manufacturers, distributors, and product resellers across industries that are designed to help them increase sales. Through these programs, CIT provides equipment financing and value-added services, from invoicing to asset disposition, to meet its customers’ needs.

For applicable lease transactions, CIT offers its Advanced Funding Program that allows you to order equipment without large cash outlays or burdening your existing trade credit limit. Partners have the option to have payment for the cost of goods made directly to ScanSource prior to lease inception. In addition, you can choose to have up to 50% of the margin paid directly to you prior to the completion of installation. Nominal fees will be charged for those transactions where installation exceeds 60 days. The remaining balance is paid to the partner upon receipt of a signed Delivery & Acceptance certificate by CIT from the customer.  When you utilize CIT’s Advanced Funding Program, you'll conserve working capital, improve cash flow, and keep your trade credit limit open for other business needs. Plus, you can now acquire additional capital for implementation of the solution.

To obtain more information about the CIT Advanced Funding Program through ScanSource, please contact your ScanSource Financial Services representative or call CIT's inside sales team at 866.659.8792.

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